About Us - India Chapter

Incidence of preeclampsiais observed to be about 7 – 15 % and has been identified to be responsible for very high maternal mortality and morbidity. A lot of research needs to be encouraged to identify still further the various kinds of etiologicalfactors and to understand the pathogenesis of the disease onglomeration with much more clarity. We need to eradicate eclampsia from our country entirely and reduce the poor maternal andneonatal outcomeattributed to hypertensive disorders in pregnancy especially eclampsia. There needs to be awareness about the disease with much preciseness in the minds of all the stakeholdersand this need to be brought about by research,training, standardization of practices and continued efforts towards battling this devastating complication of the pregnancy. Keeping this in mind it is proposed to establish the Indian Society of Preeclampsia which would be identified as the Indian chapter of the World Organization Gestosis-(The OGASH )

Mission statement

The Society proposes to encourage research, training and establishment of standard practice guidelinesto reduce the perinatal morbidity and mortality due to hypertensive disorders duringpregnancy


1. Establishing standard practice guidelines for prevention, early detection and management of PE
2. Increasing awareness and training of all concerned with the standard clinical aspects of pregnancy hypertension
3. Helping to reduce maternal morbidity andmortality due to Pre-eclampsia&Eclampsia in our country
4. Fostering research in the field of preeclampsia
5. Online Journal and website, publishing the articles and ongoing activities of the society
6. Advocacy at the level of the government for including standard practices in the implementation of maternal health and neonatal health related issues.
7. Data collection